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Simple Guide to Buying a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

One of the reasons why thousands or millions of people around the world had a poor night’s sleep is because of having possibly a very soft or very hard mattress. The solution is to change the mattress that their using. And one of the things that you might consider in buying is a memory foam mattress topper, which helps you lessen the pains and aches that is caused from sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress.

Having memory foam is a good alternative as it is considered as the ultimate comfort in your sleep. With its latex polyurethane foam, it provides you the best comfort as possible since the foam conforms to the shape of your body while you sleep. The foam itself is sensitive to temperature which then will distributes the pressure according to body heat and weight. Thus, it gives your body the best possible comfort for a comfortable sleep at night.

Purchasing a memory foam mattress topper is more economical than buying the whole full sized mattress. This does not mean though that it can be used on any types of mattress. The top of the memory foam mattress topper will conform to your body shape while the bottom part will conform to the shape of your mattress. This means then that your existing mattress should be firm because if it sags the topper will mold into it and instead of enjoying the comforts of using memory foam, you’ll be having problems sleeping.

2 Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase

First, it is very important to know about density. A memory foam mattress topper with a density of 5 pounds or more is of the best quality.

There are different types of memory foam mattress toppers. When shopping for one, consider the thickness, density and firmness. They come in 2, 3 and 4 inch thickness. 2 inches can already soften a firm mattress and 3 inches is preferred by most. If you are overweight though and need additional support in your sleep, a 4 inch thick toper is ideal. In terms of density, you can choose a 5 pound mattress topper because this can give adequate support and can last a long time. 2 pounds is the least dense and the cheapest while 8 pounds is the densest and most expensive.

The firmness of a memory foam mattress topper is measured in ILD. 12 to 14 ILD is ideal for many, 8 ILD is the softest and 20 ILD is the firmest.

MattressTopperSecondly, before buying a memory foam mattress topper, make sure that your mattress is not too soft. If it sags or is uneven, consider changing the whole thing. If it is too firm, then getting a topper made of memory foam can indeed add extra comfort.

You should have a mattress that is still in good shape if you want to have a new mattress topper. You should not buy a new topper if your old mattress is sagging since it will only waste your money. The topper, regardless if it is brand new, will not improve the comfort if the underlying mattress is in poor condition.

Tips when buying a memory foam mattress topper:

  • It must be the same size as your mattress. If your topper is shorter than your mattress, this can get annoying as mattresses shift during the night and can leave your feet dangling.
  • For quality and durability, choose an American made memory foam mattress topper because some cheaper Asian made toppers contain fillers to make the foam stretch further making it less durable.
  • Invest in your purchase. Buy one that comes with a warranty of at least 5 years.

When considering upgrading your bed and getting more comfort at night, a mattress topper can make a big difference. If the mattress you have now is just a bit too firm for your liking, you can purchase a memory foam mattress topper which is a lot cheaper than a memory foam mattress.

The Comforts of Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you really want for a comfortable sleep at night, then choose the memory foam with the best quality. As it not only helps in reducing headaches, it also provides a complete support to your neck that allows your neck to relax and will regenerate the muscles without the discomfort at night.

Waking up without experiencing headaches is the result that you are able to take the rest comfortably and no pressure was put in your neck while you sleep. Another benefit that you can experience with your new memory foam mattress topper is that it helps with the total body blood flow circulation. The reason why at times when you wake up that you feel your arm or leg becomes numb, is that your body is not evenly supported by your mattress.

Furthermore, it will also improve your resilience to stress. The more your body and mind is while relaxing and sleeping, the more comfortable your day will be. You will be waking up each morning like a brand new person as your stress level will decrease because you will be enjoying the deep and longer sleep throughout the night.


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